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Welcome in up! city

The new unique city project up! city, connects aspects of mobility, modern technologies, and chill-out zones. Stará Tržnica situated in the center of Bratislava carries for decades already networking nature and is known as a meeting point for the capital ́s residents, as well as for visitors from around the world. Therefore, up! city breathes history and at the same time is becoming a centrum of a modern life. You will find there motion, relax and fun- all in one place. up! city is a mutual project of Volkswagen Slovakia, Aliancia Stará Tržnica together with the partners Bratislava city, Švihaj Šuhaj and ZSE.



Get in and enjoy your ride in electric Volkswagen e-up!

Seven Volkswagen e-up! cars are waiting for you at up! city. Discover the capital´s beauty with Bratislava-born native.

Choose your own route or get inspired! You can use your rented e-up! both for personal and business meetings, or even for shopping. At the same time, you can pick one of the six routes with a built-in navigation system and get to know the beauty of Bratislava, while driving the fun-to-drive urban car with a fully electric engine. Additionally, we have prepared child seats for families with children.

Explore Bratislava with the e-up! sightseeing app

You want to know how it feels to drive Volkswagen e-up! but you don’t know where to go? Every car is equipped with a special sightseeing application which guides you through six routes in and around Bratislava.



Get on and reach your goals only on two wheels

Apart from the typical city bike, you can rent modern e-bikes, cargo bikes, and even electric scooters. These atypical types of transport will certainly bring you heaps of fun and pleasant moments with friends and family.



Enjoy all the fun and relax with your family, friends or colleagues.

Enjoy all the fun and relax on the square in from of Stará tržnica. Read a good book, meet with your friends, family or colleagues, or get your work done in a pleasant surrounding. There are cultural events, leisure activities and even stylish street food awaiting you.



Car rental 1 day* 1/2 day** Deposit
Electric car Volkswagen e-up! 35,00 € 25,00 € 150,00 €
Bicycle rental 1 day* 1/2 day** Deposit
Volkswagen bicycle 15,00 € 10,00 € 50,00 €
Cargo bicycle – Bullitt 20,00 € 14,00 € 70,00 €
Electric bicycle – Apache 20,00 € 14,00 € 70,00 €
Electric scooter – E-Twow 20,00 € 14,00 € 70,00 €


* Up to 24 hours; each commenced 24 hours shall be charged (+1 hour reserve for returning a car)
** Up to 5 hours; the car must be returned on the day it was rented, during the rental office opening hours (+1 hour reserve for returning a car)
Up to 5 hours; the bicycle must be returned on the day it was rented, during the rental office opening hours

All prices are listed, including VAT. Payment by card is possible. The deposit can be provided in cash or by card (as booking amount on the card).

In the upcomming days, customers will be able to use advantages of our club card!

Prices – club rental

Car rental 1 hour* Desposit Note
Electric car Volkswagen e-up! 4,00 € 25,00 € max. 35,00 €/day
Bicycle rental 1 hour* Desposit Note
Volkswagen bicycle 1,00 € 0,00 € max. 10,00 €/day
Cargo bicycle – Bullitt
Electric bicycle – Apache
Electric scooter – E-Twow
1,00 € 15,00 € max. 10,00 €/day

Club rental = entrance fee 40,00 € (bicycles only) or 80,00 € (cars and bicycles)

* The rental fee is charged for every commenced hour of the rental

All prices are listed inclusive of VAT.
Payment by card is possible. The deposit can be provided in cash or by card (as booking amount on the card).


up! city club

Join the first urban mobility club.
up! city club membership gives you better prices and additional benefits.

· Volkswagen e-up! and bicycle rental from one hour
· One-hour rental:
Volkswagen e-up!: 
4 €
1 € (all bike and scooter types)

Request membership electric car reservations at info@upcity.sk or + 421 948 940 437.

· one-time 80 EUR entry fee (for Volkswagen e-up! and all bicycle types) or EUR 40 (only for all bicycle types)
· security deposit only 30 EUR for Volkswagen e-up! and EUR 15 for bicycle
· payment by credit card accepted
· regular newsletter about up! city
· additional benefits


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Opening hours

Monday – Sunday:
10:00 – 19:00

Infopoint Contact:
phone: +421 948 940 437

up! city
Námestie SNP 484/25
811 01 Bratislava



Volkswagen Slovakia

Volkswagen Slovakia as the biggest employer in a private and one of the biggest investors in Slovakia, is a proud partner of a Bratislava region. The company is actively engaged in sustainable urban mobility and represents electromobility as a new form of transportation in near future. Rent out one of the Volkswagen e-ups! and taste the feeling of e-mobility on your own. Volkswagen e-up! is one of the first models manufactured in Bratislava plant, which runs on a fully electrical engine. You can choose one of the routes featured in the app installed inside all of the cars, to discover the corners of Bratislava and the nearby areas. Moreover, you can use cars for personal or business matters or even for shopping.

At the same time, the company revitalizes the square in front of Stará Tržnica, brings more greenery into the city center and offers extented options for spending your free time.


Aliancia Stará Tržnica

Civil society Aliancia Stará Tržnica, also thanks to this projects participates in a constant improvement of the quality of life in the capital and helps to build valuable and pleasant environment for residents and visitors in Bratislava. With this project, the quality of life in the city is being improved by extended mobility possibilities and by creating a space and opportunities for social bustling. For this reason, the civil society supports up! city.


Mesto Bratislava

Bratislava as a metropole of Slovak Republic, aims to contribute to the clean climate in the city. Therefore, electromibility is a suitable way for realizing such goals.


Švihaj Šuhaj

Švihaj Šuhaj is a cycle- courier company, which joins the joy of cycling and professional courier services. The company proposes an ideal solution for service supply within pedestrian zones. It also cares about the protection of environment and climate. Moreover, the company won Zelená firma roka award in 2014.

Švihaj Šuhaj joined the cooperation with their rich experience in urban mobility, as they are suppliers of a broad bicycles fleet, cargo bicycles, e-bicycles and last but not least e-cars.
Thus, the company plays an active part in the capital ́s sustainable development.


Západoslovenská energetika, a. s.

Západoslovenská energetika (ZSE) is one of the leading companies in Slovakia, with more than 95 years history. Except from the distribution and selling energies, it provides complex energetic solutions focused on utilizing renewable resources and technologies for intelligent households.
The company supports the innovation development and electromobility in Slovakia on a long-term basis.